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The quaint, snowy village of Lech is a slice of luxurious paradise. Nothing in Lech attracts skibums and cheap-skates; this is a place to spend money on quality lifestyles and entertainment. Every establishment in Lech and Oberlech (the corresponding village higher up the mountain) exudes class and superiority.

Raucous drinking and rowdy dancing is something you will rarely observe here; it is much more likely you will enjoy the benefits of tranquility in refined restaurants and bars. Most of Lech's facilities are run by hotels, there are hotel bars, hotel restaurants, hotel spas; yet these places also tend to be the best in terms of ambiance and general excellence. This can be off-putting if you wish to take pleasure in a chalet holiday, but you are usually extremely welcome in and out of the various hotels; yet keep your eyes out for spas, these tend to be more exclusive to only guests.

The skiing here in Lech is ideal for beginners and intermediates to experience the gentle and peaceful aspect of this sport. Hence it is a good place to bring children for their first experiences of learning how to ski, especially in comparison to neighbouring St. Anton; Lech offers a wide variety of runs for less confident skiers. Although experts may feel a little unchallenged by what Lech has to offer on the slopes, the easy access to St. Anton with its great variety of off piste and hard skiing options, means that you will not miss out.

What We Like

Hus Nr 8

This is a fantastic traditional restaurant, with great food, charming service and a perfect atmosphere. Try the national dishes of Austria and you will not be disappointed.

Cineastic Gondolas

A brilliant event like no other. This artistic extravaganza involves gondola cinemas and live DJs and bands in lift stations. The atmosphere is electric and should not be missed.

Dance Café Arlberg

Party like they did in the 60s. This retro après party is an exceptional event in the Lech calendar. The atmosphere is carefree and entry is free. A throw-back of the glamorous years of skiing of the past.

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