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Restaurant Guide Zermatt

The Omnia

This restaurant is the favourite haunt for fine dining in the town. The chic dècor of the Omnia is created using modern but quality materials; polished granite table tops, wood-panelled flooring and glass walls are all used to create a stylish ambiance. The candles and stunning silverware used, mirror the beauty and superiority of the food served here.

The Omnia prides itself on providing understated quality in their service and cuisine, so be aware that if you want to have a truly special and atmospheric meal, this may not be the perfect place for you as it prioritises its casual manner. Some people may find the menu a little limited, but the Omnia tends to prefer quality over quantity of choice, and it would not be a mistake to trust them in this, as you should also do with their wine suggestions. The lounge bar and library in the hotel are perfect areas to stop in for an apèritif or a digestif if you do not feel like moving far after you have finished your meal.

Cervo Restaurant

If you are looking for somewhere to eat that will make you feel comfortable, Cervo Restaurant will not disappoint you; it is really a great spot to take family or friends on a more casual evening out. The dècor and food is not without taste and quality, but, like its atmosphere, Cervo does not serve up anything too fancy, which is ideal if there are kids in your party or if you are craving some good-quality burgers and fries.

The restaurant specialises in traditional dishes, and prides itself on its generous portions; so, if you have come home from a hard days skiing and think you well deserve a big, wholesome dinner, Cervo Restaurant may be a better option than some of the more a la carte alternatives Zermatt offers. Cervo Restaurant is also a relaxed and friendly place to have a drink for après ski; the place exudes a great vibe, and we found it especially suited to adults wanting a post-ski drink in a child-friendly environment.

Chez Max Julen

This place is a typical, casual German restaurant in Zermatt, so do not expect absolutely exquisite service and food preparation here; instead, you will experience friendly waiting staff and exceptionally tasty food. We love the stove in the middle of the restaurant which allows you to peer at your food being prepared to perfection.

We recommend that you try and book a table on the ground floor where it is a little cooler, although the first floor balcony can provide you with an entertaining view of the rest of the restaurant. The staff here are great to have a chat with about the menu and local wines so do not feel shy about striking up a discussion on the subject as you may find that they will be able to provide you with some expert recommendations.

Restaurant Chez Heini

Chez Heini is renowned for its electric atmosphere, so if you are looking for a dinner out with a bit more of a buzz, then this is the place to go. A perfect location in which to drink a little bit too much with your friends or even just to encourage you to go on a night out afterwards; although we do recommend that you watch how much you eat here if you wish to party later because you may feel a little sleepy after such amazing food. The lamb is to die for, and a must-try if you are only visiting Zermatt the once.

It is hard to tell what most adds to the ambiance in Chez Heini, it is definitely a toss-up between the authentic wood stove in the middle of the restaurant which is used to cook your meat dishes, or it perhaps has something to do with the eternally popular Head Chef Dan Daniell who loves serenading the whole restaurant at the end of his shift.


What We Like

Lunch at Chez Vrony

Sit back, relax, and let the Chez Vrony staff dazzle you while you yourself are dazzled by the mighty Matterhorn overhead, and if you have the energy after your meal then why not hang around to experience the buzzing après ski scene too?

The 'Genesis of the World' spa treatment programme at the Backstage Hotel

This original and evocative programme echoes the need to be treated through all the mediums of our being and the world around us in order to acquire true revitalisation.