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Luxury Spas in Zermatt

Grand Hotel Zermatterhof Spa

The spa at this Hotel is well-renowned in Zermatt for its excellence of service and vast variety of facilities available. It is lucky for us that Hotel Zermatterhof decides to keep their spa open to the public year round. The big indoor swimming pool is an ideal place to relax after a hard days skiing. Watching the sun go down through the big glass windows is truly magical, the cosiness and light of the pool is contrasted with the darkness and snow you can see outside.

This spa is also fully equipped with a sauna and steam bath facilities in order to make sure that your body can enjoy the entire process of rejuvenation necessary. Our favourite aspects of the Zermatterhof Spa are the Alpine and Ice Grotto's which are completely original to this treatment centre and provide you with some natural mountain therapies which your skin, body and mind will thank you for. The massages, facials, and body treatments are all performed by trained professionals using suitable products for your skin; our favourite is the Lomi-Lomi Nui massage which is Haiwaiian in origin.

Mount Cervin Palace

The design of the Mount Cervin Palace relaxation facilities is phenomenal and will take you to a magical place within and outside of yourself. We love the little bridge that connects the two jacuzzis which are placed pleasantly next to giant glass windows with views beyond of the Matterhorn and the other peaks surrounding Zermatt. Underneath the bridge you can exit through a small waterfall into the icy air outside for a little bit of refreshment midway through your rejuvenation process.

This water area also features a large indoor swimming pool and a separate children's swimming pool which can be a good place to let the little ones play while you enjoy the various delights of the spa facilities. Mount Cervin Palace spa also features an aroma infused Finnish Sauna (with separate male and female suites available), a colour-light therapy Bio Sauna and some eucalyptus Steam Baths. These heat-relaxation therapies may be followed by pediluviums (hot and cold water therapy for your feet), relaxation lounges (in a secluded and tranquil environment) or even the gym if you haven't had enough exercise out on the slopes for one day!

The Mount Cervin Palace does welcome non-guests to their spa but it is advised to call ahead of time to check they will be able to accommodate you on certain days as they try to prevent over-crowding.

Backstage Hotel Spa

The spa at the Backstage Hotel is one of our favourite treatment centres because it provides a completely original and intense treatment regime that will truly change the way you feel inside and out. The process echoes the creation of the World by God in seven days, and follows his steps of creation in rejuvenating your body and mind. This seven day treatment does not take up the whole of your day by any means, but gently rejuvenates you a little bit day by day which is a great way to spend an hour after skiing.

Starting with the creation of 'light', you will be led into a dark steam room with light and shadow art-projections. Day 2 is the 'separation of water and air', you will enjoy a glass pearl bath filtered with infra-red in order to stimulate the skin and muscles. Day 3 is named the 'world of plants' and includes a tropical bath with plants and rain in a room filled with infused aromas. Day 4 includes an 80° sauna coloured with spacial images, this is the 'creation of the planets and tides'. Day 5 is called the 'animal world' and is dominated by sounds; you are placed in a salt-water bath in which you must float and listen to the multitude of sounds of our animal kingdom. Day 6 focuses on the 'human being' so your skin must receive various treatments in order to rejuvenate it. Finally, on Day 7 you must enter a meditation room in order to reflect to classical music by candlelight.

Of course, such a strict course of therapy is not for everyone, but for those of you who appreciate structured processes of treatment, then you will rarely find something to compete with this one. One thing to bare in mind is that the Backstage Hotel Spa sometimes provides alternative opening hours for non-guests to the hotel so ensure that you find these out before visiting the establishment in order to avoid disappointment.


What We Like

Lunch at Chez Vrony

Sit back, relax, and let the Chez Vrony staff dazzle you while you yourself are dazzled by the mighty Matterhorn overhead, and if you have the energy after your meal then why not hang around to experience the buzzing après ski scene too?

The 'Genesis of the World' spa treatment programme at the Backstage Hotel

This original and evocative programme echoes the need to be treated through all the mediums of our being and the world around us in order to acquire true revitalisation.