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Luxury Spas in Val d'Isère

Aigle des Neiges Spa

This 'Deep Nature' design spa is famed for its professional expertise in treatment therapies, using marine elements in order to indulge the clientèle in an experience that enhances beauty and well-being. Although we found the options in the spa complex a little limited in variety, there is everything you may need, including: a sauna, a steam room, a swimming pool and a lounge with an open fireplace.

Sometimes simplicity can be best, and the basics that are necessary for your relaxation are undoubtedly all here; and all are designed in the most tranquil fashion. The treatment centre is more exceptional; the 40 year old research company of Algotherm who specialises in marine cosmetics is who the Aigles des Neiges Spa swears by. It is hard to argue with such vision and knowledge about health treatments; and personally, something feels right about balancing marine-based care with your alpine surroundings.

Mountain Equilibre

Here we have an option for some more physical modes of relaxation; instead of attempting to sooth your body into a state of relaxation by sweating in a sauna, why not try stretching all the tension away, or having someone else knead it out of you? This massage and reflexology centre is the perfect health centre to have on a ski resort; when we put our poor bodies through such ordeals during one intense week, we know we should give them a little attention and care too.

The staff at Mountain Equilibre are dedicated to suiting your needs that you have on the day; that is to say, if you come in with a particular pain, stiffness or ache, these knowledgeable professionals will use all their experience to prepare the right treatment for you. Pilates courses are also offered here; a very well-known way of easing off any stress or tension your body may hold.

Spa by Payot - Hotel Le Savoie

The design of this spa is exceptionally soothing, its alpine feel and colours are more fitting to your life in the mountains than the contemporary calm of the Aigle des Neiges' Spa. This is more of a spa that will make you feel at home and cosy within it too; perhaps due to the unvarnished wood and stone that is sprinkled about the complex, you will feel the serene effects of nature around you.

Spa by Payot also has more alternative relaxation therapies than most of the other spas in Val d'Isère: with a Hammam (Turkish bath), a sauna, a counter-current pool, hot tubs and a refreshing cold bath. The treatment rooms at Spa by Payot are especially designed to sooth and relax you whilst you are getting your treatment done; the softly lit chambers which gently change in colour tones during your stay may cause you to struggle to stay awake.

The vast range of scrubs, wraps and massages they offer are astounding and mean that you are sure to find something that perfectly suits you. However, some people may find the wide range of choice unhelpful and confusing, so if you are feeling as such do not hesitate to ask a member of staff for some guidance.

Spa at Hotel Avenue Lodge

If you are a big spa fan, I would not miss this place on your stay in Val d'Isère; the décor in here is just wild, I have never seen anything like it before. Instead of going for tranquil, harmonious or calm surroundings, this spa has opted for a completely unique style which is almost gothic.

However the more time you spend here, the more you can appreciate the beauty of the design and your mood can balance with the harsh simplicity of it. The facilities here are brilliant; fully equipped with a hammam, swimming pool, sauna and hot tubs. The most important reason to visit the spa at Hotel Avenue Lodge, however, is for their beauty and hair salon; as nothing tops off the full relaxation treatment more than a final make-over.


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