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Bars & Clubs in Val d'Isère

Dick's Tea Bar

Dick's Tea Bar is pretty much the biggest club, which has eternal fame and infamy alike in Val d'Isère. It is where all the youngsters want to go and if you consider yourself in this category then you will definitely have a great night here. The décor is nothing too chic although we do love the stone pillars dotted around the club area; and it is always a plus to have somewhere that offers bottle service.

The dance floor is tiny especially in comparison to La Doudoune Club, but this usually means a more intimate atmosphere; although during the peak season on Saturdays it just means you cannot move. The crowd of people who frequent here are definitely a mix of local seasonaires and some of the holidaying elite of Val d'Isère; whilst the staff appear to be hand-picked to be pleasing on the eye. However, do not expect too much class and refinement at this club; the best option in Val d'Isère is the Graal Nightclub, although La Doudoune does come in at a close second place.

The Fall Line

We really love The Fall Line for a civilised late night bar, although the Blue Note and Le Wine Not that we mentioned in our favourite après bars are also good alternatives for a relaxed evening atmosphere.

The Fall Line is an up-and-coming new bar, run by some serious local seasonaires who have been skiing the 3 vallées and partying in the bars for over 8 years. The owners passion for snow and life in Val d'Isère has all been thrown into the creation and running of this bar; you find here somewhere that is not exclusive, yet is refined and stylish at the same time.

With a central position only a couple of minutes walk from the centre of Val d'Isère, this is a fine place to grab pre-dinner cocktails. However, during the peak periods you may find that the quiet bar becomes quite a party scene during the evening and goes on until 1:30pm.

La Doudoune Club

This place is the late night aspect of Doudoune Le Chalet; centred at the end of the main pistes coming into town you may not be too keen to trek back out but La Doudoune Club does provide a shuttle bus service to encourage patrons in; including a bus that leaves after everyone has been kicked out in the small hours, so do not be afraid for yourself tredging home in the snow. La Doudoune Club is especially known in Val d'Isère for its incredible line-ups during the season, bringing in guest DJs from all over the world for your entertainment. With such amazing music and with a massive dance floor, this club can feel like a full-blown London nightclub; something you rarely see in small resort clubs. It is definitely worth checking up on who is playing and when during your stay.

Le Graal Nightclub

Le Graal is a personal favourite, although it tends to not be as popular as Dick's Tea Bar and Le Doudoune Club, its reputation is growing fast. The Swiss flashing dance floor and the earthy décor, with raised surrounding tables is a bit more preferable to clubs that only have booths right on the actual dance floor; this means that if chatting is what you want to do, there are plenty of semi-private alcoves to nestle away in. The resident DJ Zeff loves dishing out 60s, 70s and 80s tunes, but the Hed Kandi and 'Electrograal' nights here are also worth a visit. The drinks to try at Le Graal are definitely the sumptuous cocktails (although their quality depends on the busyness of the bar) and some champagne. If you are fearing the cold walk home, get out of the club before closing at 4am, to be carried back on the free shuttle bus.


What We Like

Polo Masters

The top international polo players compete in this incredible 4-day tournament at the foot of Bellevarde "Face".

Expert Skiing

Many of the black runs have recently been converted to ‘naturides’, which means they are never groomed and offer leg-aching moguls or deep fresh powder while still being safe, marked, and avalanche protected.

La Folie Douce

La Folie Douce undoubtedly has it going on; the liveliness and activities comes from all quarters. We love the crazy cabaret that goes on from early afternoon until late