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Lech Events Guide

Christmas Market - 14th to 22th of December 2013

This is a lovely way to spend the afternoon, wondering around this quaint little market. The atmosphere is very sweet and this is a great place for families and couples. The food is also good if you are after a little snack but do not rely on the market for dinner as portions are rather small. This is also a great place to pick up little Austrian presents to take home for Christmas.

Cineastic Gondolas - 14th December 2013

This is a very interesting event that is unlike anything you will have experienced before. Lift stations are transformed into electric nightclubs with international DJs and bands while gondolas are converted into mini cinemas and artistic galleries. This event is held at the top and base stations of the Rüfikopf cable car. Buy tickets in advance to ensure you do not miss out.

Lech Zürs Fashion Show - 5th January 2014

A glamorous fashion show which turns the Rüfiplatz into a stage which serves as both a piste and a catwalk. There are impressive presentations of the latest winter collections from local boutiques and international designers. The atmosphere is lively and fun and involves a lot of free mulled wine and music.

Dance Café Arlberg – 23rd March to 11th March 2014

This is a vintage après rave where you can party like they did in the days gone by; in style. This event includes Jazz, Soul, Rock 'n’ Roll and Swing music and has a brilliant atmosphere. This is a great place to party with friends and it is also pretty family friendly too. This is a big highlight in the Lech calendar and is completely free.

19th Oberlech Spring Festival – 25th April to 27th April 2014

Each year when the winter season is coming to a close, everyone looks forward to skiing in the sun, and this is celebrated with the legendary spring festival on the Oberlech Plateau. With live music and bands, the atmosphere is electric and welcoming.


What We Like

Hus Nr 8

This is a fantastic traditional restaurant, with great food, charming service and a perfect atmosphere. Try the national dishes of Austria and you will not be disappointed.

Cineastic Gondolas

A brilliant event like no other. This artistic extravaganza involves gondola cinemas and live DJs and bands in lift stations. The atmosphere is electric and should not be missed.

Dance Café Arlberg

Party like they did in the 60s. This retro après party is an exceptional event in the Lech calendar. The atmosphere is carefree and entry is free. A throw-back of the glamorous years of skiing of the past.