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Arlberg -

The biggest drawback of Lech is its lack of public spa facilities, all the health centres are situated within exclusive spa hotels who do not welcome non-guests. However, the nearby town of St. Anton can offer several options for wellness and beauty treatments. St. Anton is situated an easy 20 minutes' drive from Lech, or alternatively your ski passes allow for smooth travelling between the two towns by rail. The Arlberg is an incredible wellness centre that was built when the resort hosted the Alpine Ski World Championships in 2001. You will be amazed at the public facilities that this place has to offer and it may well encourage you to come over to St. Anton to ski, just to enjoy the spas afterwards. The stunning, contemporary complex offers a series of interconnected outdoor and indoor swimming pools, covering over 200 square metres. All the pools offer spectacular alpine views and when the snow begins to fall it feels like you are in a slice of mountainous paradise. Although the pool area is large it does not compete with the staggering size of the 'Sauna World' located in the centre of the complex. This area has something for everyone, and includes: a classic Finnish sauna, a steam room, an infrared sauna at only 45°C and a Sanarium (a slightly cooler sauna at 60°C), as well as several others. Ensure that you do not miss the Kelo Sauna which features extensive glazing that allows for spectacular mountain sights. Also on offer are a range of treatment rooms and highly trained masseuses and physiotherapists to truly indulge and treat your body. The Arlberg is a great place to spend the afternoon, but it can get rather busy despite its enormous size. Some may find that because of this the atmosphere can be less relaxing and rather loud at times as children are always welcome. If you prefer a more exclusive atmosphere try Spa Valluga.

Spa Valluga

This Spa is also situated in St. Anton, and claims that it is the perfect place to relax and spoil yourself after a day on the slopes, and they certainly were not wrong. The moment you step into this Spa you can physically feel your body unwinding; the design exudes luxury and exclusivity. The gold leaf mosaic tiles and the artistic tree sculptures where towels are hung from, make you realise that this spa focuses on the tiny details that will make your experience truly special. The spa features a medium sized swimming pool with 4 saunas and a relaxation room with waterbeds. Unfortunately, it only has two treatment rooms; so during high season you have to book quite far in advance. This also means that large groups of friends cannot have their treatments at the same time which may be inconvenient if you are part of a large party. After a hard days skiing (or shopping), we definitely recommend the 'skier' body treatment which involves a rough body scrub, a eucalyptus bath, and a deep-tissue massage. The next day your body will definitely thank you for it. Although this spa is thoroughly designed for relaxation, you may be irritated by the fact that you have to travel 20 minutes after your treatment session, as travelling is the sure way of raising your stress levels again.


What We Like

Hus Nr 8

This is a fantastic traditional restaurant, with great food, charming service and a perfect atmosphere. Try the national dishes of Austria and you will not be disappointed.

Cineastic Gondolas

A brilliant event like no other. This artistic extravaganza involves gondola cinemas and live DJs and bands in lift stations. The atmosphere is electric and should not be missed.

Dance Café Arlberg

Party like they did in the 60s. This retro après party is an exceptional event in the Lech calendar. The atmosphere is carefree and entry is free. A throw-back of the glamorous years of skiing of the past.