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Bars & Clubs in Lech

Fux Lounge Bar

Partly due to the very popular restaurant that this Lounge Bar is attached to, this is one of our favourite places to spend a couple of hours in an evening. The ambiance and style of the bar is superb, it is smart, modern and ever so slightly eccentric. The bartenders are extremely professional and well qualified, so do not be shy of ordering some fancy cocktails. For wine fanatics, the wine list here is to die for. Even the most experienced wine connoisseurs may need a little helping hand with this one so do not hesitate to ask the staff any trivia on the subject as they are extremely well-trained and knowledgeable. The steakhouse and asian-fusion restaurants that the bar is attached to are highly commended places to eat. However, there can intermittently be a marked difference between the quality of the food at the present, the asian-fusion being somewhat disappointing on occasion.

The Archiv Bar

This place is a common meeting place for the young and chic in Lech, with a mixture of dance, house and electro, this place expects a party to go on. The cocktails served here suit a young but sophisticated crowd; you will not find any exceptional quality in wines or whiskies. This place is perfect for younger people who enjoy chaotic music and fun cocktails in a trendy bar, but we would not recommend this place for people who are interested in drinking well, in a relaxing environment. One of the best things about the Archiv Bar is that it is one of the only bars in Lech that is not attached to a hotel or restaurant, its detachment from other establishments means you will never feel like you are in the wrong place, and the partying here goes on until a tiring 2am.

s’Pfefferkörndl, the Ice Bar and Peppers Club Lounge

The Hotel Pfefferkörn’s attempts to provide everything possible for your entertainment for the evening; from café bars to clubs. There is no need for you to leave this hotel in order to have a crazy night. You can start with après in the s’Pfefferkörndl, with its classy but chilled out atmosphere. Do not expect anything too exciting here though; the vibe is more café than party place. The Ice Bar definitely takes the tempo up a couple of notches, with live concerts occasionally being put on. It is advisable to check in advance when these performances will occur to avoid disappointment. At the Ice Bar you will experience some of the most terrific views of the surrounding mountains. Lastly we have the Peppers Club Lounge, the trendy hang-out for all the night owls in Lech; with its strong drinks and subtle music, it makes for a very enjoyable evening. The club also hosts a variety of club nights during the season which you should keep a vigilant eye out for, because they should not be missed on your stay. If Peppers Club Lounge does not satisfy your clubbing needs, check out the K-Club in the Krone Hotel for a more extreme party experience in Lech.


What We Like

Hus Nr 8

This is a fantastic traditional restaurant, with great food, charming service and a perfect atmosphere. Try the national dishes of Austria and you will not be disappointed.

Cineastic Gondolas

A brilliant event like no other. This artistic extravaganza involves gondola cinemas and live DJs and bands in lift stations. The atmosphere is electric and should not be missed.

Dance Café Arlberg

Party like they did in the 60s. This retro après party is an exceptional event in the Lech calendar. The atmosphere is carefree and entry is free. A throw-back of the glamorous years of skiing of the past.