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Restaurant Guide Davos

Leonto Gourmet Restaurant

This restaurant is situated in the Hotel Grischa; this hotel generously provides Davos with some of the best cuisine you can find, but Leonto is by far the most popular and exquisite. The small space that Leonto occupies is made to feel cosy rather than cramped, by the modern but stylish furniture and the giant glass windows that shelter you from the cold outside. The fact that Leonto is not a sprawling restaurant also provides a romantic atmosphere for its guests, and ensures that service is always of the best and most attentive quality. The influential 'Gault Milau' restaurant critics awarded Leonto with fourteen points; a very impressive number for a resort town. The head chef Roger Ebnöther provides elegant and creative masterpieces which will have your mouth watering at the sight of them. The pre-food appetisers and palate cleansers are perfect additions to keep your appetite unabated and ready for more. We highly recommend that you ask the advice of your servers as to what wines to choose as they are highly trained in the art and can point you in the right direction if you are unsure. Leonto restaurant is only open from Wednesday through to Sunday which can be frustrating to those of you who have limited time on your schedule for the perfect meal out.

Panorama Restaurant Schatzalp

Sometimes the best meals in the evening require you to trek back up the mountain in order to soak up the ambiance and beauty of the Alps in the fading light of the day (obviously with no actual trekking involved). You can start your night by taking the train up from Davos to Schatzalp; a very romantic ride up the mountain, followed by being placed in the fabulous dining room with panoramic views of Davos and the rest of the valley below. Service has always been organised and excellent which reflects a good system going on behind the scenes, and the food, although it is not the best you will find in the Davos area, is generally extremely enjoyable and above the usual standard. The real highlight of the Panorama restaurant is the atmosphere and the view, so we do not insist that you must visit here if you are a wine connoisseur or if you pride yourself on being an acute food critic; on the other hand, this evening still has a lot to offer to not such fussy consumers, and can be a great place to visit as a family, as it contains lots of excitement for children.


The Ducan restaurant is our pick for enjoying some traditional Swiss cuisine in Davos. The combination of typical Alpine chairs with smart tableware reflect the style which can be observed throughout the restaurant; you will find crackling fires next to tapered candles, local produce served on modern china and drunk out of premium glassware. This is somewhere to enjoy the local Swiss-German beer if there are any avid beer drinkers in your party, because the local Monstein brewery is highly commended in the area. The food served is all local and natural which adds an authentic flavour to this Swiss cuisine. The biggest drawback of the Ducan restaurant is that although it has an idyllic situation in the mountain village of Monstein, it is still a twenty minute drive from Davos, which is not ideal if you are planning on eating in a big party; we recommend that you organise transport well before-hand.

The Golden Dragon

Another gift of Hotel Grischa is this swanky Chinese restaurant; it shows you how even in a hidden-away place like Davos, Chinese cuisine can be served authentically, and with style. We must admit that one of the reasons why we are drawn back to the Golden Dragon again and again has something to do with the superb décor; it is the epitomy of East Asian chic. The interior designers who created the Golden Dragon are well-known for the quality of materials they use to create the ambiance; the birdcage lamp shades and Chinese carvings reflect such a mystical appearance onto the restaurant. The Golden Dragon can be a great place to come with your whole family because the platters are not unsuited to children, yet on the other hand, a group of friends will have a relaxed night with very late opening hours. The Macau-born chefs add authentic flavour to the Chinese cuisine whilst using premium ingredients from Swiss suppliers.


What We Like

An evening meal at Leonto restaurant

This gourmet restaurant will delight your taste buds and your senses with its spectacular cuisine, sophisticated atmosphere and attentive service; you will understand why this place has been awarded fourteen points by 'Gault Millau'.

An afternoon spent at Madrisa Land

If you are travelling with a family then do not miss stopping off at Madrisa Land for a fun-filled afternoon of snow madness; even a group of youth-filled adults will want to succumb to the delights of trampolines, skidoos and air bags.

Art on Ice – 7th and 8th of March 2014

Ice skating champions and international music stars combine their talents to produce the spectacular ‘Art on Ice’ in the Davos stadium.