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Courchevel Events Guide

New Year's Eve – 31st December

This is not an official event in Courchevel but is more of an enduring tradition. A New Year's in Courchevel is nothing like the ones we have back home; no one knows how to celebrate the beginning of a new year like Ski Resorts in the Alps do. You will be blown away by the joy and festivities they throw at you from all sides.

The absolute highlight of New Year's Eve in Courchevel is when people wander down to the centre of town for the countdown; you will be surrounded by hoards and hoards of holidaymakers from all over the world. With a big screen blaring out tunes and keeping you aware of the time, followed by a stunning firework display; you will be pumped with excitement in the vibrant party atmosphere.

BMW Snow Polo Masters - Late January to Early February

It is not every day that you get to experience a snow polo tournament so you should definitely take advantage of this one in Courchevel. You will observe the altering of the Courchevel holidaymakers from generally wealthy to extremely elite; the fur and Gucci being worn doubles during this week so if you enjoy this show of style then you will simply love this event.

If you are an avid snow polo fan then you can make a tour of the tournament which occurs also in nearby Val d'Isère and Megève. For the spectators, you will find stalls serving champagne and fois gras to it's well heeled clientele. Be aware that if you are not a snow polo fan you may not want to plan your whole day here as it can be a bit difficult to follow what is going on. Perhaps try to find someone who knows the sport well to explain the rules so you can try and keep up.

Festival Ski et Toiles – Late March

It is always great to have something going on in a Ski Resort which is completely unrelated to skiing or snow; this film festival which occurs in late March is a perfect reflection of how culture can come all the way up to Courchevel.

Film festivals are always good fun for everyone, although be warned that there are a lot of French films being shown but we must appreciate that there are some in English too. It is really quite an interesting alternative to get down off the slopes and instead of heading straight to après, you can go and watch a film.

Les 3 Vallées Enduro - April

This is the ski competition of the year in Courchevel. A great event that is open to all; so if you are up for a lot of fun, why not give it a try? With so many categories to choose from, there is a great variety of events to watch, including: Big Air Bag, Freeride, Giant Slalom, Moguls, Skicross, Triplette des Belleville, Boardercross, Family Schuss, Adri'Naline and Speed Skiing.

With easy and harder events, you could choose whatever is your strength and see test yourself against some of the semi-pros that live in Courchevel. It is rare to have an open event, and even if you do not want to compete yourself, it is great to see the competitors having more fun than being too competitive.


What We Like

The BMW Snow Polo Masters

The excitement and passion of the riders and spectators alike creates a buzzing, electric atmosphere to go with the champagne and caviar snacks.

An evening dinner at Pierre Gagnaire at Les Airelles

A night surrounded by opulent décor, being waited on hand-and-foot and being served master-pieces of dishes by the world reknowned chef: Pierre Gagnaire, makes an evening here feel like a little slice of heaven.

Exploring the 3 Vallées

In order to be taken into the depths of the 3 Vallées, hire a mountain guide and set off on an adventure you will never forget.

An après or evening in The White Bar

This place is the favourite hotspot for the elite in Courchevel without being as messy as the prestigious nightclubs; you can enjoy glamour and quality in a sophisticated but hip atmosphere.