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Chamonix Events Guide

Ice Hockey - Late December to mid February, weekly

If you are tired of typical ski resort nights or you want to take your children to see some sport, you can go along to the ice rink to support Chamonix's hockey team. The gates usually open at 8:30pm so make sure you get there in good time and secure yourself a ticket. The match games are sporadic though so if you want to watch a game, it is best to check in advance when they are on. If you think that a ski resort is cold, try an ice rink in a ski resort, so make sure you wrap up warm! Also, bear in mind if you do bring your children that ice hockey can be a very violent game.

Freeride World Tour Chamonix – January 25th 2014

This is the event of the season for Chamonix so if you can fit this into your holiday plans you will not regret it. The Freeride World Tour travels from Canada to Italy before it arrives in Chamonix, this competition is designed to test the world's best freeride skiers on some of the most challenging terrain the world has to offer. During the week that the World Tour arrives in Chamonix, the whole town is buzzing with excitement, there are stands of food, concerts, dance shows and free bars provided by the sponsors.

There is a big screen in the centre of Chamonix on which you can watch the riders in real time coming down L'Index at Flégère, if you want to watch the event live then head to the Brévent ski area and then towards the 45º 'Hotel Face'. Seeing the Freeride World Tour will be one of the most amazing experiences of your life, however, be aware that for the riders safety the Tour has a five to eight day weather window in which they can chose the optimal conditions for the competitors to tackle the mountain at the safest time. Therefore, if this is an important event for you, ensure that your holiday covers the whole of this time window. Also, be aware that the riders can get seriously hurt during these competitions.

Le Kandahar World Cup Downhill Skiing – February (Biannually)

Le Kandahar was the first international alpine competition to combine slalom and downhill events, the difficulty of these courses shows off the excellence of the skiers involved. The downhill skiing takes place on La Verte piste in Les Houches and has attracted some famous and impressive competitors over the years. Le Kandahar 'village' is bustling with fun and noise, and you can watch the racing from the big screen if you do not fancy going up to watch the races live. The award ceremony in particular is great to watch as they put on performances and all kinds of entertainment. This competition is perhaps a lot more suitable for children to enjoy than the Freeride World Tour, as it is safer and the shows are more appealing for kids.

Black Weekend – March

Black Weekend, organised by Black Crows, is a great weekend to spend in Chamonix if you are a fan of nights out partying and long days skiing. It is a celebration of international differences, combining a love of skiing and boarding with a love of music. If you have these two passions then this is the place for you to be, the music is exotic and original and there is so much of it! The music starts at midday and alters during the afternoon for an après ski mood and then on into the night. There are also opportunities to test out the most amazing and new Black Crows ski gear. I would not recommend this festival for families though, the scene is very hipster so steer clear if you do not think this is your thing as it will take up the whole resort.


What We Like

A trip up Aiguille de Midi

The tramway up to Aiguille de Midi takes you a breath-taking 9,000 vertical feet high in under 20 minutes. The views from here, especially on a clear day are completely unbelievable.

The Freeride World Tour

Seeing the best freeride skiers in the world hurtle themselves down a mountain, trying their best to impress the judges with back-flips off vertical faces, this event needs no explanation as to why its one of the most awe-inspiring things you will ever see.

Lunch at Auberge du Bois Prin

The best combination of spectacular views and michelin-star quality food, will make this a lunch to never forget! Hidden away from the hordes, stop in here to warm yourself in front of a blazing log fire.

Après Ski at Chambre Neuf

For the ultimate experience of après ski, pop in here if you want to know how skiers really party in the French Alps. Prepare for mess and muss, no fine dining and fancy cocktails here.