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The Skiing in Aspen

The sprawling and varied ski area of Aspen is arguably unrivalled in the USA; with four different expansive ski areas, people of all levels will be content coming on holidays here. The most convenient aspect of holidaying in Aspen is that it will cater for all of your party's needs if there are varied skills within the group; the only difficulty is meeting up for lunch together.

The first ski area, and the most popular with advanced skiers; is the Highlands, boasting over 1,000 acres of terrain and going down almost 4,000 vertical feet. With an average of 300 inches of snow a year on the Highlands Mountain; off piste skiing here is excessively popular and offers a variety of options. However, we always recommend that you are assisted by ski guides who will fix you up with the right equipment for your safety. The run that experts should never miss when visiting Aspen is the notorious 'Highlands Bowl'; although its fame means that you should try your hardest to get down it as early as possible on a bluebird day.

Secondly we have the very popular Snowmass Mountain, which also offers a vast variety of runs; yet tends to be better suited to intermediates, so expect people to be slower down the pistes. However, due to the fact that Snowmass is known to be ideal for intermediates, it is in fact an ideal location to steal the untouched powder, as it is unlikely to have been disturbed by the avid pisters.

The Buttermilk ski area is dubbed as perfect for children, families and aging skiers who do not want to strain themselves. There are some beautiful and gentle slopes here, however, for parents there are still some options of steeps to try out. The five terrain parks in Buttermilk also mean you can get your fill of entertainment from watching the freestylers or support your dare-devil children on some small kickers.

Lastly we have the eternally popular Aspen Mountain, with the longest run taking you a calf-straining 3 miles down. However, this mountain does not cater for beginners as the easiest runs here are designed for intermediates at the very least, so better to head to Buttermilk if you are unsure of your capabilities.


What We Like

A visit to the Remède Spa

The experience starts in the very aspects of its architecture to the absolute top quality of the treatments on offer. Luxuriant relaxation that you will not experience elsewhere

A guided ski down the Highland's Bowl

Offered every week but if you want to, it is possible to hire your own professional guide and go in a smaller group.

An evening spent at the Harris Concert Hall

Avoid the drink and partying for one night of total sophistication and classical music absorption.

Freestyle at the X Games

Over 200 athletes from all over the world come to compete in such events as Big Air, Super Pipe and Street Skiing and Snowboarding.