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Aspen Events Guide

Big Air Fridays - From January to March 2014

This weekly event that takes place at Snowmass is a spectacle of jaw-dropping jumps and stunts that everyone can enjoy. This is a brilliant afternoon of entertainment for children, or for anyone to have a break from skiing.

Aspen Gay Ski Week - Mid January

This celebration is really good fun; they not only promote gay rights but also making sure we all have a great time in the process. The community organise a variety of events including comedy nights, DJs, dinners and pool parties; the whole week is packed with entertainment.

ESPN Winter X Games - Late January

This event is held at Buttermilk Mountain, which is useful as it is more accessible to everyone, so even beginners can enjoy this day out. It showcases some of the world's best extreme skiing and snowboarding.

The Aspen Laff Fest - Late February

This brilliant event will be the highlight of your February. Hosted by the Wheeler Opera House, the programme includes a wide range of comedians, and various other acts are provided for your entertainment. We advise a lot of forward planning for this event if you do not want to miss out.

Bud Light Spring Jam - Mid March

Held in Aspen and Snowmass, this is the premier Spring festival of the Rocky Mountains. This festival organises two weekends worth of downtown concerts, parties and competitions. Kicking off with a party and then the Aspen Big Air (situated at the base of Aspen Mountain), you will find a wealth of entertainment, day or night. The organisers also provide demonstrations for adults and kids on how to hit a rail and slide a box.

St. Patrick's Day - 17th March

In ski resorts all over the world, everyone loves to celebrate this Irish event; however, this is no ordinary celebration in Aspen. St. Patrick's Day is jam-packed with concerts and performances; hence it is a great event for music-lovers to attend. Make sure you join everyone else and go all out with your costumes for the whole day; otherwise you might find yourself being the only one not wearing green on the slopes.

7908 Aspen Song-writers Festival - Late March & Early April

Although this event did not occur in 2013, the plan is to bring it back with a vengeance in 2014, and we are really hoping it does. It is a four-day musical festival presented by John Oates from the American Duo: 'Hall & Oates'; the legendary singer and song-writer really encourages those quirky and talented individuals to showcase their skills in the chic and hip setting of Aspen


What We Like

A visit to the Remède Spa

The experience starts in the very aspects of its architecture to the absolute top quality of the treatments on offer. Luxuriant relaxation that you will not experience elsewhere

A guided ski down the Highland's Bowl

Offered every week but if you want to, it is possible to hire your own professional guide and go in a smaller group.

An evening spent at the Harris Concert Hall

Avoid the drink and partying for one night of total sophistication and classical music absorption.

Freestyle at the X Games

Over 200 athletes from all over the world come to compete in such events as Big Air, Super Pipe and Street Skiing and Snowboarding.