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Bars & Clubs in Aspen

Harris Concert Hall

This wonderful concert hall provides some amazing alternative entertainment for the evening. Instead of attending bars with live music or nightclubs; try an evening of sophistication and culture here. Do not be put off by the hall being underground, it is spacious and light; it will not make you claustrophobic in any case. Concerts do not occur every night, so if you want to experience an evening of classical entertainment, ensure you contact the ticket office in advance to find when these concerts will occur during your trip. If you manage to do some good research before you book your holiday, you may be lucky enough to organise your trip around one of your favourite performing artists. This is a lovely evening activity for children younger than 21 years-old or even if you just want to spend quality time with your family, or romantic time with your spouse.

Eric's Bar

This place is truly an exceptional venue to attend in Aspen; with four bars being combined into one building, you will always find some area that will satisfy you and your friends' needs. First of all we have the Eric's Bar of Eric's Bar (undoubtedly the most popular and the most important). Chic but cosy, Eric's Bar invites their stylish clientèle to lounge on their comfy banquettes whilst sampling from their vast drink options. Eric's Bar offers 14 beers on tap, single-malt scotches, small-batch bourbons and heavenly cocktails; after a night here you will feel full to the brim with what can only be called 'fine-drinking'. Secondly we have 'Su Casa' which is a restaurant-cum-aperitif bar, serving classic (yet not top quality) Mexican food, as well as endless margaritas and beers. Thirdly we have 'Aspen Billiards' for those who like a good game whilst enjoying a drink, this billiard room is not without style as you can tell by the service and wide drink selections. Lastly we have the 'Cigar Bar' and Aspen's only public smoking lounge; this is truly a relaxing bar area that not only provides some exquisite smoking options, but also offers all those whiskies and liquors that go so well with tobacco. It is a shame, however, for all those non-smokers to not be able to enjoy such a cool little bar, but with the amount of choice in this building, we cannot really complain.

39 Degrees - Sky Hotel

This place is commonly hailed as the hippest lounge in town; with its sociable cuisine and infamous cocktails, you will be sure to have a lot of fun and entertainment at 39 Degrees. With stylish and comfy lounge chairs and sofas surrounding a roaring fire, it is the perfect place to snack and drink with friends. The accomplished mixologists at the bar will make sure you are provided with the most tantalising and creative cocktails in town. Although some people may be put off by this bar being located in a hotel, remember that sometimes the best places are hidden a little way away from the crowds. Be reassured that the right people know where to come. This place has the full capability to feel like a nightclub during the high season.

The Caribou Club

Now, if a night out in your dancing shoes is what you are craving; come to the Caribou Club to dance the night away in luxury and style. If you wish to spend your week with the spectacular service and attention they provide here, as well as the glamour and celebrity; then you will have to purchase the weekly members pass but ensure you do this in advance to avoid disappointment. You can make yourself comfortable In the Great Room with its roaring fire and down-blankets, you will find an interesting crowd of celebrities and the wealthy all gathered here to sip champagne together. If you wish to avoid the socialite scene that you find in the main areas, you can slip off to the more relaxed Caribou Bar next door.


What We Like

A visit to the Remède Spa

The experience starts in the very aspects of its architecture to the absolute top quality of the treatments on offer. Luxuriant relaxation that you will not experience elsewhere

A guided ski down the Highland's Bowl

Offered every week but if you want to, it is possible to hire your own professional guide and go in a smaller group.

An evening spent at the Harris Concert Hall

Avoid the drink and partying for one night of total sophistication and classical music absorption.

Freestyle at the X Games

Over 200 athletes from all over the world come to compete in such events as Big Air, Super Pipe and Street Skiing and Snowboarding.