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Après Ski Bars in Aspen

Willow Creek Bistro - Ritz Carlton

Après Ski in the Americas can vary quite a lot from the rowdiness of European resorts, so why not experience an après ski that does not focus on drinking so much as fine dining. Of course, we are not saying that no drinking will be involved; however, some of the most popular après ski scenes are those with dining involved in Aspen. At the Willow Creek Bistro you will find both outdoor slope-side areas (heated of course) as well as a stylish and cosy interior area for you to avoid the bitter winter winds. The exclusive 'Tastemaker' après ski, usually on Mondays (but always good to double check this as they change the day of the week periodically), is not to be missed if possible. Get to the Ritz Carlton between 5 - 7:30pm for a true experience of Ritz luxury living. The Ritz Carlton is located in the Highlands area of Aspen, conveniently situated as an easy ski-in area, it is the perfect first step off the mountain. This is not the perfect après ski location for more nervous skiers, however, as the Highlands mountain is not the easiest to get done from. It is always a draw-back when bars are attached to hotels and restaurants, but in this case the dining is an integral aspect of this après ski, and the hotel ensures that that the quality and service will be first-class.

J Bar - Jerome Hotel

This authentic Old-Western bar is part of one of the most fashionable hotels in Aspen. This place is perfect for relaxing in an elegant and stylish atmosphere whilst enjoying a local beer or some of their vintage-inspired cocktails. This bar is frequented by a variety of individuals, although it is the very essence of class, it does not turn its nose down at any individuals; a remarkable tribute to American culture. However, if you do not wish to sit somewhere where there is any chance you will be joined on the next table by some of Aspen's ski bums, perhaps this is a place for you to avoid.

Ajax Tavern - Little Nell Hotel

With this bar staying open until 10pm, you know you will not get kicked out of here too hastily if you are really enjoying your après. The Ajax Tavern combines a spot-on location, just at the end of the slopes, with understated class. This place may not seem so elegant when you arrive at the bottom of the slopes to be faced with rows and rows of skiers enjoying a drink in the sun, but it is very obviously an aspen hot-spot. Do not be put off by the crowds ; its popularity has grown from its exquisite food and drink choices. Like the Willow Creek Bistro, food is very popular at this après ski location, although in a more snacky form. To eat: the raw bar selections are the most popular in the afternoon, with fresh oysters, crab and shrimp on the menu. Although we wholly trust the chefs at the Little Nell Hotel, if you are fussy about your fish, remember that transportation to the mountains with seafood is not always the quickest ; so make sure you question your servers before ordering. While the snacks will fill your stomach, we have no doubt that you will relish in the selection of fine wines and signature martinis that the Ajax Tavern offer. The restaurant here comes highly recommended in case you want a proper meal after a couple of drinks. Beware that although the après ski can be great fun straight off the mountain, it does not tend to continue very long as people peter off to different bars and restaurants around the town.

Mezzaluna Aspen

The Mezzaluna is especially brilliant for those of you who adore your wines, the selection here is extremely expansive and varying, you can sample everything all afternoon long with your friends or family. It is again, a bar attached to a restaurant, however, do not let this put you off; if you want to experience fine wines, these connoisseurs are the best in town. The bar is relaxed and elegant, although you might find yourself out of place as the diners traipse in at 6:30pm. The wine may encourage you to stay on a little bit at the Mezzaluna in order to taste some of their exquisite Italian cuisine. This is also a good après ski spot to frequent due to the fact that its focus on wines ensures that it will not draw in absolutely anyone to socialise here.


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