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Verbier: more than just a ski resort

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Verbier is often described as being a “ski resort”, but that’s a description that doesn’t begin to do justice to this fabulous location in the heart of the Swiss Alps. In fact, we would argue that it’s the equivalent of describing Paris as a “city with a famous tower”!

Many visitors certainly choose to visit Verbier each and every year because of the wonderful ski conditions. This is a place that’s well suited to novices and more experienced ski enthusiasts. There’s absolutely no doubt that, without having those ski opportunities on offer, Verbier would not have gained its worldwide fame.

What this does not help to explain, however, is why so many people choose to visit outside the months of the ski season. Indeed, it fails to explain why it’s a popular location for those who do not even have a particular passion for skiing.

In order to encapsulate the true beauty of Verbier, it’s necessary to think about the surroundings, the people and the resulting atmosphere. The resort itself is a bustling mix of people who have arrived from all corners of the globe. You’ll hear conversations in an array of different languages and you’ll meet people from a variety of backgrounds. It sometimes feels like Verbier is a place where the whole world comes together.

Once you head into the mountains, however, you sometimes find yourself wondering where all of those people have gone. How can the resort seem so busy and lively, yet the surrounding countryside offer so many opportunities to find peace, quiet and the tranquillity that many visitors seek? As you look around at the landscape, you often have that sense of simply being in awe of the natural environment. The mountains and the valleys seem to be on a grand scale; it often appears that people and animals dotted around the landscape look to be no larger than ants.

Back in the town, of course, the bustling nature of life goes on. The fashionable boutiques attract those who wish to find unique purchases, while the resort’s restaurants and cafes cater to all tastes. For those seeking entertainment long into the night, the bars and nightclubs never seem to sleep.

Returning to your luxury chalet, however, brings you back to that haven of tranquillity. It’s amazing to think that a chalet can provide that peace and quiet, even when you know that you are resting in the heart of the town. As you relax in the hot tub and enjoy a well-earned drink, you may well contemplate that there is nowhere else on the planet that is quite like Verbier.

So what do you want from your next travel experience? Is it a place where you can enjoy great skiing, find wonderful places to eat, make the most of exclusive shopping opportunities and soak in stunning surroundings? Is it a place where you can relax, in great company?

Verbier is so much more than just a ski resort. It’s a place that will draw you back again and again.

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